Embers Restaurant- Passion for Fiery Food!!

January 13th, 2014

By:Sadichha Shrestha

For a delightful time having a surrounding of relaxed and sophisticated environment where one can enjoy food with the utmost satisfaction to the taste bud is a good restaurant with great ambience and a service that doesn’t let you down. Situated at the heart of Lalitpur; Embers is such a restaurant that we perceive to be a great experience. Embers can be found near Pulchowk, Krishna Galli, near Bhat Bhateni. The way it is built one can see no less that beautiful lavish furniture and interior decoration that brings out heated power of red themed décor. Here are some information we gathered from the owner himself:

What was the inspiration behind the name of your restaurant?

We wanted to open a themed restaurant focused on barbeque and grilled items. That is how we came up with the name. An ember is the red part of a coal that glows. Keeping in line with the theme of an ember, we have used colors that relate specifically to fire and coal–maroon, gold, and black. We have used these three color combinations all throughout the restaurant.

What sort of cuisine do you serve, why?

With our location, we expect to receive all sorts of customers from the everyday shopper to corporate houses and the expat community. As we have to cater to a variety of clientele, I have had to create a menu that appeals to all tastes but I have focused on Continental and Chinese cuisine.

How did you get started in the FnB sector?

There were a lot of factors that led to the establishment of Embers. After returning from Thailand with a degree in Business Administration, I was given the opportunity to look after an authentic Newari restaurant which used to be where Embers is now. I was already very familiar with the concept of world class hospitality while in Thailand, and by managing the Newari restaurant, I gained knowledge on how restaurants operate in Kathmandu. I saw that while there were many restaurants in Kathmandu, a large majority were not doing justice to the Kathmandu crowd. Being located right next to Bhat Bhateni and being in close proximity to corporate houses and a large expat community, I saw market potential for a bigger and better restaurant. That is how Embers came to be.

These are just the glimpse to what we know and seen verbally about the restaurant. The food and drinks is a whole other thing. The ways they are plated are an image of beauty and class with the elegance of food that defines the artistry of the people who cook it. The bar situated separately you could get a variety of soft to hard drinks, mocktails and cocktails. But these are just words from us, to experience a whole experience one should come on down and have a feel for it oneself. We assure you; you will be satisfied. As some people say a person’s heart could be won through the way of the stomach; so indulge your palates in cuisines made by people to satisfy your hunger today.


Bhatbhateni, Pulchowk
Kathmandu Nepal
Phone: 5534766, 5555306
Email: embers.ktm@gmail.com
Website: www.embers-restaurant.com
facebook: www.facebook.com/embersrestaurantngrill


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